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Very good text. As you said very well, the Holy Spirit in conjunction to the Holy Father and the Holy Son, guides and governs the Church.

Therefore, it is not possible that it will be fundamentally corrupted by any kind of ideology or heresy, because He promissed to be with us till the End of Times.

Non Praevalebunt! The synod is a good thing, even if others want to instrumentalize it to their own goals.

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Well said. I think the far left and far right fringes of the Church sometimes have the loudest voices, but your take seems more practical and in-line with what they are hoping to accomplish. And I love the section on catechesis. The Church is full of some great theologians, but sometimes we fail to translate that into language appropriate for whoever is receiving it. Jesus Himself spoke in parables - not in complex phrases - so that His audience could better understand the message He was trying to share. Great post today!

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