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Ep. 43 - Eucharistic Saints: 20 Stories of Devotion to Jesus w/ Meredith Hinds

Grace, the Eucharist, and Family Life

Summary of the Episode

In this conversation, Will Wright interviews Meredith Hinds, a writer of Saint content for children. They discuss Hinds' book, 'Eucharistic Saints: 20 Stories of Devotion to Jesus,' and the importance of teaching children about the Eucharist. They also touch on the age of reason for receiving First Communion, the role of parents in teaching the faith, and the significance of the sacraments in family life. Hinds shares her journey of converting to Catholicism and the impact it has had on her family. The conversation explores the themes of Catholicism, grace, and the Eucharist. Will shares his personal journey of converting to Catholicism and the role of grace in his decision. They discuss the difference in understanding grace between Protestantism and Catholicism, with Will emphasizing the Catholic view of inherent goodness and the cooperation with God's grace. They also delve into the significance of the Eucharist and its central role in the Catholic faith. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the book 'Eucharistic Saints' and the importance of passing on the faith to children.

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  • Teaching children about the Eucharist is important, and parents can do this by fostering a love for the Eucharist in themselves and modeling it for their children.

  • The age of reason for receiving First Communion is around 7 years old, and children can have a deep longing for the Eucharist at this age.

  • Writing for children should focus on scenes and details that inspire questions and engage their imagination.

  • Parents should prioritize their relationship with their children and teach them about the faith in the context of that relationship.

  • Being a practicing Catholic involves going to Mass every Sunday and on holy days of obligation, as well as living according to the teachings of the Church.

  • Conversion to Catholicism can be a journey of discovering the richness and unity of the faith, particularly through the Eucharist.

  • The sacraments are essential in family life and provide grace and unity for Catholic families. The Catholic understanding of grace emphasizes the inherent goodness of individuals and the cooperation with God's grace.

  • The Eucharist holds a central role in the Catholic faith, representing the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.

  • Passing on the faith to children is crucial, and resources like the book 'Eucharistic Saints' can help in teaching children about the Eucharist and the lives of saints.

  • The conversation highlights the importance of relationship, love, and adoration in the Catholic faith.


Eucharist, Saints, children, faith, conversion, sacraments, family life, Catholicism, grace, Eucharist, conversion, Protestantism, cooperation, inherent goodness, saints, children

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