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Ep. 41 - The Resurrection, Conversion, and Friendship w/ Dr. Jeffrey Morrow

The Resurrection of Jesus from St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology now available

Dr. Jeff Morrow, a Jewish convert to the Catholic faith, discusses his journey and the role of the investigation of Jesus' resurrection in his conversion. He emphasizes the importance of reason and evidence in understanding the faith and shares his own experience of being convinced of the rationality of Jesus' resurrection. Dr. Morrow also highlights the need for authentic friendships and the role they play in helping others grow closer to God. He explains that while apologetics is important, it should be approached in the context of friendship and personal encounters.

Learn more about The Resurrection at the St. Paul Center’s Emmaus Academy courses.


  • The investigation of Jesus' resurrection played a crucial role in Dr. Jeff Morrow's conversion from Judaism to Catholicism.

  • Reason and evidence are important in understanding and defending the faith.

  • Authentic friendships can be a powerful means of helping others grow closer to God.

  • Apologetics should be approached in the context of friendship and personal encounters.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Morrow is a Senior Fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, a Senior Fellow of the Principium Institute, a Fellow of the Institute for Biblical Research, and is Professor of Theology at Seton Hall University’s Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology. He earned his Ph.D. in Theology, in the program on the U.S. Catholic Experience, from the University of Dayton. His specialization is in Historical Theology and the History of Exegesis, particularly in the Modern Period and in the U.S. He has participated as a Visiting Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as at Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem in their Summer Scholars Program.

Dr. Morrow was raised culturally Jewish, attended Hebrew school and had a bar mitzvah. He earned his B.A. from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, with majors in both Comparative Religion and Classical Greek and with a minor in Jewish Studies. At Miami he became an evangelical Protestant, and then entered the Catholic Church, Easter Vigil of 1999. His M.A. from the University of Dayton in Theological Studies focused on Biblical Studies.

Dr. Morrow is the author of Alfred Loisy and Modern Biblical Studies (Catholic University of America Press, 2019), Theology, Politics, and Exegesis: Essays on the History of Modern Biblical Criticism (Pickwick Publications, 2017), Seeking the Lord of Middle Earth (Cascade Books, 2017), Jesus’ Resurrection: A Jewish Convert Examines the Evidence (Principium Institute, 2017), Three Skeptics and the Bible (Pickwick Publications, 2016) and has published articles in a variety of academic journals and popular periodicals, including Journal of Religious History, International Journal of Systematic Theology, New Blackfriars, Pro Ecclesia, Crisis, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, and The Catholic Answer.

He resides with his wife Maria and their six children Maia, Eva, Patrick, Robert, John, and Nicholas in northern New Jersey. His wife Maria also earned her Theology Ph.D. from the University of Dayton.


resurrection Jesus conversion evidence reason faith friendship prayer Catholicism catholic

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