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Ep. 36 - Lead with Love with Dr. George Ceremuga, D.O.

Dr. George Ceremuga, an osteopathic family doctor, shares his approach to healthcare and the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection. He emphasizes the need for love and forgiveness in healing and believes in the body's self-healing and self-regulating abilities. Dr. Ceremuga discusses the difference between the osteopathic approach and traditional medicine, highlighting the holistic nature of osteopathy. He also talks about the importance of being informed and making medically informed decisions.

Dr. Ceremuga’s work is guided by the principles of love, forgiveness, and the five pillars of wellness: water, food, exercise, sleep, and love. Dr. George Ceremuga discusses the importance of lifestyle changes for overall health and well-being. He emphasizes the power of small changes and the exponential impact they can have on our lives. Dr. Ceremuga also highlights the role of spirituality in health, including the importance of love, forgiveness, and nurturing our relationship with God. He shares personal experiences and insights on how to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The conversation concludes with practical advice and resources for those seeking to make positive changes in their lives.

Pick up a copy of Lead with Love Daily Devotions HERE.


osteopathic medicine, holistic healthcare, mind body spirit connection, love and forgiveness, self-healing, self-regulating, informed decision-making, five pillars of wellness, lifestyle changes, health, well-being, spirituality, love, forgiveness, relationship with God, purpose, practical advice

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