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Ep. 35 - "Catholic Joe: Superhero" - What Can One Man Possibly Do? - with Steven Thomas

A thrilling novel on the power of marriage and leadership

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In this conversation, Will Wright interviews Stephen Thomas about his book 'Catholic Joe Superhero'. The book is a thriller with a central theme of marriage and is meant to inspire and encourage men to be strong leaders in their families and in the Church. Thomas shares his personal story of growing up in a broken family and his passion for marriage. The book incorporates elements of the Catholic faith and spiritual warfare, and aims to bring people back to God. Wright and Thomas discuss the importance of fathers in the family and the impact they have on their children's faith. They also touch on the corruption within the Church and the need for courageous leaders. Overall, the book is described as a page-turner that appeals to both men and women.

“Catholic Joe: Superhero” by Steven S. Thomas

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Book synopsis: “This is the first in the Catholic Joe series. Lieutenant General Joseph Salvatore, husband and father of a large family, is a man’s man. At age 48 he is still considered one of the deadliest men on the planet, able to kill an enemy with his bare hands, and with the same hands tenderly caress his wife and children. Joe brings this same lethal intensity as he fights to save his youngest brother Vinny’s marriage.

In fighting for his brother, Joe, later deemed Catholic Joe by a reporter, uncovers corruption in the government and his church. You will feast on courage while you accompany Joe as he is targeted in a raid on his home by the FBI, secretly placed in Cook County Jail to be “Epsteined,” and targeted by Freemasonic assassins before he can share with the world what he has uncovered.”

Who is Steven Thomas?

Steven Thomas (no relation to Joseph Salvatore) is a serial entrepreneur, who has started many culture changing companies and apostolates. Steven was given the grace to complete this book after walking across the country with a small group of men. They traversed over 4500 grueling miles in the form of a cross over the US, praying for God’s mercy and favor on their country and church. Steven resides in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, Ginny, and eight living children.

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