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Ep. 28 - Floriani and Sacred Music: Exploring the Depths with Thomas Quackenbush

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Summary of the Episode:

In this conversation, Will Wright interviews Thomas Quackenbush of Floriani about Sacred Music. They discuss the search for ancient Hebrew music, the expansiveness of Sacred Music, the blending of Eastern and Western sacred music, and the challenges of integrating liturgical music. They also explore the importance of rediscovering Roman sacred music, the influence of publishing houses on sacred music, and the church's careful reasoning on the subject. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the distinction between liturgical and devotional music and the delight of God in sacred music. This conversation explores the importance of chant in the liturgy and the role of music in the Mass. It emphasizes the primacy of words in chant and the elevation and prolongation of the word through singing. 

The conversation also delves into the challenge of helping people understand the concept of time and place in the liturgy and the different expressions of chant in different parishes. It highlights the need to present integrated and beautiful liturgical experiences to help people appreciate the beauty of sacred music. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the fruits of good sacred music and the importance of active participation in the Mass. The conversation explores the importance of continuity in liturgical experience and the role of sacred music in drawing people into the liturgical mysteries. Floriani's mission is to assist in singing the Mass and to glorify God and sanctify the people through sacred music. Listeners are encouraged to support Floriani's work through donations and to participate in upcoming events and releases. The conversation highlights the transformative impact of Floriani's music on liturgical celebrations, emphasizing the beauty and power of the treasury of sacred music of the Church.


  • Sacred music spans a wide range of styles and traditions, from ancient Hebrew chants to contemporary hymns.

  • Appreciating Eastern and Western sacred music without an inauthentic blending can be a challenge, but it can also lead to a deeper appreciation of the richness of the liturgy.

  • The church has provided clear guidelines and teachings on sacred music, emphasizing its importance in the liturgy and its ability to glorify God and sanctify the faithful.

  • There is a growing movement towards rediscovering and promoting authentic Roman sacred music, rooted in tradition and faithful to the teachings of the church.

  • The distinction between liturgical and devotional music is important, with liturgical music being the expression of the words given by the church for the liturgy, while devotional music is an expression of personal prayer and worship.


  • 00:29: Thomas Quackenbush's Background

  • 03:10: The Search for Ancient Hebrew Music

  • 07:21: The Expansiveness of Sacred Music

  • 08:39: Defining Sacred Music

  • 10:19: The Development of Sacred Music

  • 12:59: Blending Eastern and Western Sacred Music

  • 14:59: The Challenges of Blending Liturgical Music

  • 18:39: Rediscovering Roman Sacred Music

  • 21:16: The Importance of Integrated Sacred Arts

  • 23:56: Personal Experience with Sacred Music

  • 27:20: The Influence of Publishing Houses on Sacred Music

  • 32:19: The Church's Careful Reasoning on Sacred Music

  • 35:12: The Shift Towards Authentic Sacred Music

  • 39:17: The Distinction Between Liturgical and Devotional Music

  • 41:33: The Delight of God in Sacred Music

  • 42:28: Understanding the Primacy of Words in Chant

  • 43:15: The Elevation and Prolongation of the Word

  • 44:13: Helping People Understand the Importance of Time and Place

  • 45:32: Different Expressions of Chant in Different Parishes

  • 48:54: Presenting Integrated and Beautiful Liturgical Experiences

  • 53:59: The Fruits of Good Sacred Music

  • 57:19: Defining Active Participation

  • 01:00:04: The Middle Ground of the Mass

  • 01:01:01: The Mass as the Whole Paschal Mystery

  • 01:04:00: The Development of Sacred Music

  • 01:06:04: Making Gradual Changes in Music Selection

  • 01:09:18: The Permissibility of the Organ and the Piano

  • 01:15:22: The Emotional and Psychological Impact of Rhythmic Instruments

  • 01:18:27: The Role of the Local Ordinary in Determining Liturgical Standards

  • 01:20:14: The Supportive Role of the Organ in Singing

  • 01:21:56: The Importance of Continuity in Liturgical Experience

  • 01:23:09: Floriani's Mission to Assist in Singing the Mass

  • 01:24:08: Supporting Floriani's Work

  • 01:24:33: Upcoming Events and Releases

  • 01:26:31: The Impact of Floriani's Music on Liturgy

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