Ep. 26 - Unveiling Cardinal Richelieu's Wisdom: A Treatise on Perfection w/ Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB

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Join Father Robert Nixon, OSB, as he delves into the profound teachings of Cardinal Richelieu's book, 'A Treatise on Perfection.' Discover the historical context behind Cardinal Richelieu's life and his timeless advice on salvation and virtuous living. Explore chapters covering the brevity of life, the reality of hell, the joy of salvation, and fulfilling one's duties. Father Nixon emphasizes the integration of spirituality into daily life and the importance of obedience and proper priorities. Tune in for invaluable insights and spiritual guidance for Catholics today!

New from TAN BOOKS:

A Treatise on Perfection: Saintly Counsel on Obtaining Salvation

Written by the 17th Century Cardinal Richelieu and recently translated by Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB from the original Latin!

Chapters of this episode:

00:00 - Introduction and Background

03:03 - Cardinal Richelieu's Writings

10:20 - Chapter 1: Christians Ought to Give Diligent Care to Their Eternal Salvation

11:48 - Chapter 2: The Brevity and Anxiety of the Present Life and the Eternity and Felicity of the Life to Come

12:36 - Chapter 3: The Inferno and the Grievous Sufferings and Afflictions Which Abound Therein

13:31 - Chapter 4: The Easiness and Joy of Obtaining Eternal Salvation Compared with the Difficulty and Sorrow of Incurring Damnation

23:30 - Chapter 20: Spiritual Councils

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