Ep. 25 - Exploring Social Media Evangelization: Martha Richardson on Father David Michael Moses


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I had the pleasure of interviewing Martha Richardson, a flight nurse from Houston, TX who is the cousin of the well-known priest Fr. David Michael Moses. He has a fantastic Instagram account where he posts reels and posts on catechetical topics in entertaining and engaging ways. I am a fan! Martha and I had a great conversation about her role in supporting her cousin’s online efforts and more. Enjoy!

Fr. David Michael Moses’ Instagram Account

His YouTube Account

Martha’s Bio:

My name is Martha Richardson, I’m a 31 yr old devout Catholic, who loves spending time with family and friends. I’ve been a nurse for 8 yrs and recently started my journey as a flight nurse! It’s been a dream come true. I love to travel and am currently working on hiking all of the National Parks. I just got back from Big Bend, and it’s extremely underrated. Glacier and Yosemite have been my favorites so far. I’ve loved the past, enjoying the present, and looking forward to what God has for me in the future!


In this conversation, Will Wright interviews Martha Richardson about her cousin, Father David Michael Moses, and his use of social media for evangelization. They discuss the purpose and mission behind Father David Michael's content creation, the balance between social media and in-person community, and the importance of speaking truth in charity. They also explore the challenges of navigating social media and dealing with negative feedback. Martha shares insights from her experience as a flight nurse and how it has shaped her approach to communication. The conversation emphasizes the need for genuine and humble interactions when sharing the gospel.


  • Father David Michael Moses uses social media to bring people to the Catholic Church and inspire them to live out their faith.

  • Balancing social media and in-person community is important to create an inclusive and invitational environment.

  • Speaking truth in charity requires discernment and consideration of the source and intention of feedback.

  • Navigating social media requires accountability and discernment in responding to comments and engaging with others.

  • Sharing the gospel effectively involves being genuine, cultivating humility, and focusing on the goal of leading others to an encounter with Jesus Christ.


00:00: Introduction and Background

08:06: Father David Michael's Purpose and Mission

11:09: Social Media vs. In-Person Community

17:46: Speaking Truth in Charity

25:09: Cultivating Humility and Effective Communication

31:43: Navigating Social Media and Accountability

35:09: Sharing the Gospel and Being Genuine

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