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Ep. 22 - Exploring Maronite Spirituality w/ Sr. Therese Maria

Asceticism, Mysticism, and Church Insights - w/ Sr. Therese Maria of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light

This Friday (February 9) is the Feast Day of St. Maron! One of the great Eastern saints, from Lebanon, St. Maron founded the Maronite Church which has been in unbroken union with Rome since the 4th Century!

I had a fantastic time talking with Sr. Therese Maria of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light. I pray that this video will be a blessing to you. Please consider sharing this episode!

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🌟 Summary of today’s episode:

Explore the rich tapestry of Maronite spirituality with Sister Therese Maria from the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light. In this enlightening conversation, she delves into the Maronite Rite, asceticism, mysticism, and the unique spirituality of the Maronite Church. Sister Therese Maria candidly shares her personal vocation journey and sheds light on her community's mission to be spiritual mothers within parishes.

📖 Chapters:

  • 00:00 - Introduction and Background: A warm welcome to an insightful conversation.

  • 01:00 - The Maronite Rite and St. Maron: Unveiling the roots of Maronite tradition.

  • 03:29 - Asceticism and Mysticism: Understanding the sacrificial focus on loving God and being open to divine communication.

  • 05:37 - Living Out Asceticism and Mysticism: Practical insights into incorporating asceticism and mysticism into daily life.

  • 09:23 - The Goal of Christian Living: Exploring the ultimate purpose of a Christian life.

  • 11:25 - Living in Community: Embracing growth, love, and support in communal living.

  • 14:12 - Marian Devotions in the Maronite Church: A profound discussion on the significance of Marian devotions.

  • 18:21 - The Use of Aramaic in Liturgy: Delving into the linguistic and liturgical aspects of the Maronite Church.

  • 22:12 - Epiphany and the Liturgical Calendar: Exploring key moments in the liturgical calendar.

  • 25:23 - Maronite Spirituality and Worldview: Understanding the unique lens through which Maronites view spirituality.

  • 30:13 - Sr. Therese Maria's Vocation Journey: An intimate account of Sister Therese Maria's personal calling.

  • 38:27 - The Role of Sisters in the Parish: Examining the significant role of sisters in the broader community.

  • 40:20 - Engaging with the Maronite Servants: Invitation for listeners to connect with the Maronite Servants through their website and social media channels.


  • The Maronite Church is one of the 23 Eastern Catholic churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Asceticism and mysticism are keys to uniting oneself with God and being open to divine communication.

  • Living in community requires constant growth, love, and support, along with virtues like patience and charity.

  • The Maronite Church has a unique liturgical spirituality focusing on the Trinity, mercy, and discovering God's fingerprints in creation.

  • Prayer is central to the Maronite Servants' daily life, helping them stay connected to God.

  • Discerning a vocation involves prayer, reflection, and seeking guidance from spiritual mentors.

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