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Ep. 21 - Hanging out until we die? - New Age and Catholicism w/ Rae-Mi LeRoy

A Quick Note:

This is the first time I have used the video upload feature here on Substack. So, let me know how it works for you! The video is also posted on YouTube, here, if that works better for you. And of course, the audio can be found at Apple Podcasts or Spotify! I’m also trying out posting it to Facebook Videos (because why not!)


Ep. 21 - New Age and Catholicism

In today’s conversation, Rae-Mi LeRoy shares her journey from the New Age movement to Catholicism. She discusses the dangers of self-emptying and the crisis of losing one's identity. Rae-Mi explains how a dream of Jesus led her to explore Christianity and ultimately embrace Catholicism. She highlights the importance of grounding oneself in God and finding true self in relationship with Him. Rae-Mi also discusses the challenges and rewards of working in a parish and offers insights on how to help others on their spiritual journey. In this conversation, Rae-Mi LeRoy and Will Wright discuss the importance of planting seeds of faith and sharing the wonder and love of the Catholic faith. They also explore the line between stretching and yoga, highlighting the specific poses and their backgrounds. The conversation delves into the objective quality of actions and the potential link between yoga and demons. They discuss the dissonance of seeking and emptiness, emphasizing the need for meaning and purpose. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the call to sacrifice and humility and the beauty and opportunities in Sedona.


  • The New Age movement can be enticing with its focus on self-emptying and non-attachment, but it can lead to a loss of identity and a dangerous emptiness.

  • Dreams and mystical experiences can be powerful catalysts for spiritual transformation and can lead individuals to explore different faith traditions.

  • Catholicism offers a rich treasure trove of saints, scripture, and sacraments that can help individuals find grounding, peace, and a sense of self.

  • Working in a parish can be challenging, but it also provides opportunities to serve others and deepen one's own faith.

  • When engaging with individuals interested in New Age spirituality, it is important to meet them where they are and share the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic faith in a way that resonates with their experiences and questions.

Learn more about the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ by clicking here.

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