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Ep. 13 - Lego Churches, Disabilities, and More

Ep. 13 - Lego Churches, Disabilities, and More

A Conversation with John Kraemer of "Praying at the Bricks"

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John’s work with Praying at the Bricks:


John Kraemer shares his experience with the Praying at the Bricks project, where he builds a giant church out of Lego every year. He discusses the purpose of the project, which is to show that no matter the challenge or disability, God can still use one's talents. John also emphasizes the importance of prayer and shares examples of how prayers have been answered in his life. He highlights the need for welcoming and inclusive parishes and discusses the challenges faced by people with invisible disabilities. John encourages understanding, resilience, and gratitude in dealing with challenges and interacting with others.



The Praying at the Bricks project demonstrates that no matter the challenge or disability, God can still use one's talents.

Prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about subtle but significant changes in one's life.

Parishes should strive to be welcoming and inclusive, making accommodations to ensure accessibility for all.

It is important to approach people with disabilities with dignity and respect, treating them as individuals rather than focusing on their limitations.

Developing resilience and gratitude can help in facing challenges and interacting with others.


00:00 - Introduction

00:53 - Praying at the Bricks and the Lego Church Project

02:19 - Duration and Display of the Churches

03:18 - Displaying the Project at Parishes

05:05 - Interacting with Visitors at the Displays

06:14 - Engaging with Kids and Adults

08:50 - The Purpose of the Project

09:47 - The Power of Prayer

12:48 - Answered Prayers

15:12 - Prayer and Disabilities

18:21 - Creating Welcoming Parishes

20:18 - Interacting with People with Disabilities

21:47 - Invisible Disabilities

22:45 - Adapting to Challenges

25:19 - Overcoming Prejudice and Judgment

27:07 - Understanding Others' Struggles

28:08 - Improving Accessibility in the Church

30:20 - Developing Resilience

31:34 - Gratitude and Faith

35:14 - Praying at the Bricks

36:13 - Getting Started with Lego

39:15 - Transportation Challenges

41:12 - Upcoming Display at Christ the Good Shepherd

42:29 - Where to Find John and His Work

43:23 - Closing Remarks

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